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Sometimes #sourdough sure feels like magic doesn’t it?

Here’s Lucille looking very strong. I think she’s liking the change in weather.

As seasons change, your sourdough will change too.

If it’s cooler in your kitchen, it will raise more slowly.

You can do a few things to speed it up if it’s too slow.
1. Use warmer water when feeding
2. Feed at a lower ratio (1:1.5:1.5 as an example)
Or 3. use a bit more water when feeding

Your dough will also proof more slowly when it cools down out.

Likewise, you can speed it up with warmer water or using more sourdough starter in your recipe.

Or, you can just follow your sourdough’s lead and slow yourself down as well.
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this bubbly #focaccia is the sign you’ve been waiting for to start baking with #sourdough

the #recipe (which is on YouTube and in my ebook) is super easy, no-knead, and mostly hands off. Outside of an initial mix, and some folds, it is just nature at its best, transforming flour, water, salt, and olive oil into this mouthwatering edible cloud. ☁️


Swipe for dimpling video ➡️
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When in doubt, lime and cilantro make everything better 😙👌

#sourdough crust
olive oil
granulated garlic (I keep telling you about granulated garlic, hop on the train!)
shredded mozz
roasted peppers
red chilies
finished with cilantro and lime

I thought this dough was going to be crazzzy overproofed. I made it last night and meant to pop it in the fridge before bed. Whooops. Forgot. Came out this morning and it had blown the lid off the container 😂. I balled it up and kept it cool for about 5 hours before making it and it was amazing. Happy accident!!

The #pizzadough #recipe is in the ebook 👉

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I can’t say it enough.

The #recipe is in me ebook and on YouTube.

You can get my ebook at

#everythingbagel and #jalapenocheddar #bagel this weekend for us here at casa de #rosehillsourdough

So what makes these bagels so amazing?

The secret 🤫 (besides #sourdough) is baked baking soda.

Baking baking soda changes it from sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) to sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) by baking off water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Sodium Carbonate is a stronger base than standard baking soda.

Using a stronger base gives a distinctive color and texture. Crunchy outside. Soft and chewy inside. You really can’t beat it.

So. I say again.

Make. The. Bagels.

Oh and by the way, I learned this weekend you can’t put too much cheddar on a jalapeño cheddar bagel 🤤🤤
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Suuuuuuuper stoked to do a collaboration with @pearls_olives and @pizzaiolotribe

I was #gifted a MASSIVE box of olives from @pearls_olives which I was super grateful for. I love it here in Scotland but man I miss 100% California grown black olives. 🤤

I was the kid at every family event who would down at least 10 (one for every finger! #iykyk)

They didn’t stop at the black olives, they also sent along some quality pimento stuffed green olives and kalamata olives as well!

Well I couldn’t do just one bake, we’re big #olive lovers over here at the rhsd household, so I did #pizza, #focaccia and mini focaccia #sandwhiches , all staring these #wholesome #plantbased rockstars.

Swwwwwipppeeee for all the olive goodness.

Thank you @pearls_olives !
Check out all the olive creations over at @pizzaiolotribe

#dreamolive #pizzaiolotribeolives
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she loves it so much 😭

#bake with your kids!

Happy #focacciafriday everyone 🥳

#recipe in my ebook which you can get at

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🍕#pizza 🤤

#sourdough base
olive oil
granulated garlic
shredded mozz
salami sombreros ™ by @andrewvaluebrown
@muttipomodoroit pizza sauce

#baked in about 80 seconds on @oonihq #oonikoda



#recipe for the dough in my ebook
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A #cheesepizza Kevin McCallister would love

Another “low-n-slow” in @oonihq #koda16

Launched at stone temp of 375C. No flame for a couple minutes. Spin. Flame to low. Spin. Flame to high. Retrieve. Recharge for next pie.

This process has been firing out some quality pizzas. I do love a #neapolitan style, but sometimes the crispy edges and firmer base of what I call a “New World” style is what I’m craving.

I talk about a few different styles of #pizza, how to make the #dough for them, and how to #bake them in my ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough which you can grab from my website

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Your weekly reminder to #makethefocaccia !

As the weather cools here in Edinburgh, I’ve had to use a tad warmer water to get a good proof from this recipe.

Because it’s such a long ferment, maintaining temperature is really important. If you live in a warmer climate you’ll use cooler water. Here, I’ve been using a bit warmer water to deal with the cooler ambient nights.

How do you know if you nailed your water temp? Your focaccia will look like this when dimpling! 🤩


#recipe for this #sourdough #focaccia is with all my #recipes in my ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough which you can grab on
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When I #makethewaffles, I like to make extras for a quick snack at some point in the future.

I grabbed these from the freezer today and popped them in the toaster for a quick reheat and they were great! They have been in the freezer for a month 💪

And if you can’t tell by the sneaky hand coming in from the side of the frame, these are super kid friendly 😂
ps they are also #refinedsugarfree , just a little #maplesyrup in the recipe

Speaking of the #recipe , you can grab this and all my #recipes from my ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough at

#sourdough #waffles for the win!
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