about me

Hey! I’m Mike!

I’m an engineer and I love to bake. My ebook, Baking with Rosehill Sourdough started as my engineering notes from when I started baking with sourdough. Those notes then turned into a shared note I’d send to friends when they wanted to learn baking which then turned into a google doc that was shared around the world. That google doc was then turned into the ebook (all thanks to my wife). I wrote the book for myself, and explained things in a way that made sense to me and from reviews I’ve received, it makes sense to a lot of you as well! Thanks so much for stopping by the site. I hope you enjoy the videos and the ebook!

The ebook has been shared in every continent but one (come on Antarctica!) and has received great reviews worldwide. Every so often I update it (joys of an ebook) and those updates are offered free to those who have purchased previous versions.

By the way, I really am the Head of Engineering at Ooni. Some people think that’s a joke. It’s real. I moved to Scotland to work for Ooni 😂

I hope you enjoy the resources on this site and if you ever need help, shoot me a dm on Instagram!

I did a podcast interview recently with Mark from Rise Up! and a YouTube Live with The Bread Code. If you want to know about me and rhsd, check ’em out.