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How I ball my pizza dough!

If you have the room in your fridge, do this before cold proofing.

If you don’t have the space (like me!) then cold proof as one big ball and then portion and ball like this.

This is a great way to ball when you have irregular shapes, a triangle wedge here after spilling a larger ball in 3. This works for every shape. Just keep pinching and pulling opposite corner a in to the center until you have a round shape. Then flip and use the tension from the dough sticking to the counter or prep board to pull into a smooth ball.

You’re going to want let your dough balls rest before turning them into pizza. Cover with a wet towel and allow to sit until room temp (4-5 hours maybe more if it’s cold). This allows the dough to have a final proof and make it easier to stretch. If you balled after the fridge, it also gives time for the dough to heal the breaks you put in it when dividing.

I feel like there are so many of these videos so I’m reluctant to add to the noise but if you find them helpful I’ll keep doing them. Helpful?
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Having fun with @cotswoldflour this weekend!

Both of these are 600g loaves

Left is 80% Cotswold Crunch, 20% Cotswold Wholemeal 75% water 19% sourdough

Right is ⅔ Cotswold Canadian Great White ⅓ Cotswold Wholemeal 80% water 18% sourdough

I think next time I’ll use the Cotswold Crunch as a mix in rather than a base but the flavor is really nice, not overly malty like I thought it might be. Probably could have used more water too.

The ⅔ ⅓ loaf could have used more water too. It was easy to work with and made a tasty loaf!

All in all it’s nice flour. I killed a bag of their pizza flour in about 2 days. Finished off the dough from that tonight with some 72 hour pizza and it was amazing.

Now that I’m sold on @cotswoldflour I’m going to do a giveaway with them 👏👏. It will be UK only and I’ll have the details soon!

Hope you had a good weekend!

PS, random… I joined Reddit today. Look me up u/_rosehillsourdough and find me in r/sourdough and r/uuni ✌️
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Got my 172 year old #sourdough starter Nonna up and running again to make some #grandmapizza

On the last update of the ebook I dropped in a grandma style #pizza recipe (page 54) because it’s by far the easiest kind of pizza to make.

You don’t need any special equipment, just a pan and a regular home oven.

Dough wise it’s not too wet, but wet enough to learn how to start handling wetter dough.

Toppings wise you can’t go wrong. Toss whatever you have on it! Since there’s no peel and no launching, you can put whatever you want on it. Hot ingredients. Heavy ingredients. You can spill sauce off the side. No worries.

And for all these reasons it’s the best pizza to make with kids. Here’s my daughter enjoying her creation tonight. Olive oil, granulated garlic, shredded mozz, fresh mozz and yellow onion finished with lime and cilantro. This was her pick! And it was awesome!

The recipe makes 2 9×13 pan pizzas.

My ebook is available on my website

Made with @cotswoldflour pizza flour
Baked in @lloydpans
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First bake in the @challengerbreadware came out pretty good!

(Well it’s really the second bake, I got excited and tried to cram 2 600g ovals into it the first time 😬. Whoops)

This was a 1000g oval which I VERY rarely get to bake.

I have an awesome large oval basket from @flourside_ but I haven’t had anything large enough to fit that size loaf, until now 💪

This @challengerbreadware cast iron is a beast. It’s big and heavy (in a good way) yet super manageable.

You can tell it was designed by a baker. 6 handles? May seem overkill to some but man they are so well placed and are very convenient.

This loaf was a little experimental (mixing some different whole grain flours) and I need to get used to handling 1000g of dough again, a huge jump from my typical 500g rounds and 600g ovals. It was 35% wholemeal, 80% water, 18% #sourdough. I’d like to see a little more spring, but I’ll chalk that up to the loaf, not the pan.

I’m looking forward to doing some back to back baking in it. Next weekend I’ll hit it with at least 3 loves back to back (1000g oval, 2x 600g ovals) and really experience the difference the thermal mass of this pan really makes.

So far, nothing but rave reviews from me!

Nice work @challengerbreadware !

Proofed in @flourside_ large oval
Scored with @wiremonkeyshop ARC
Baked in @challengerbreadware 👌
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Sorry to keep teasing you all with the #sourdough #sandwich #bread !!

It’s soooo close to being perfect. 1 more bake and it will get there.

Then I’ll toss it in the ebook and get the ebook updated on the site so everyone can have all the new recipes.

This bread is so so good and kid approved 😂

Also, strawberry preserves for PB&J amiright??? 🤤🤤

ebook owners can grab a free update at any time from their purchase email. Just hit the download like in the email and I’ve got it all sorted in the backend so you get the latest and great version at any time.

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New Post!


This was my bake today and PERFECT timing for my new content!

We’re pausing the $50 weekly photo contest for a week and doing a best fails contest instead.

Post a photo with your #sourdough #fail and tag me and in the post say something like “help @rosehillsourdough” and #failingwithrosehillsourdough

I’m not surprised at the negative connotation the word failure has. Like many kids, I was taught failure was a bad thing, not something to strive for. But I’ve learned in any creative endeavor, it’s those folks who shift their mindset from failure being the end of something to failure being the beginning of something that are truly unstoppable.

So, let’s see those fails!

Winner of the contest will get a 1:1 video call with me to work out the kinks in the recipe or technique that’s giving them issues.

Today my fail taught me to not try and overload my @challengerbreadware 😂😂

1 at a time Mike! Lesson learned 💪
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The #sourdoughdiscard #scones #recipe is complete and will be added to the latest version of the ebook in both maple pecan and lemon blueberry 🤤

No date on the release yet. Stay tuned!

The recipe can be found a few posts back (look for the lemon blueberry scone)

I topped this one with candied pecans and a maple syrup reduction 🤤🤤🤤🤤
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My daughter starts P1 in September.
She gets to start bringing lunch with her to school 😭

This insanely cute image of my daughter walking to school with her little lunch pail prompted me to make a new #sandwich #bread #recipe

This is an enriched version of the “tin loaf” recipe in already in the ebook.

I love tin loaf as it has great flavor but it’s not that classic white sandwich bread we all know and love.

It’s not quite ready yet, but I’ll put it in the new version of the ebook when it is along with the 3 new whole-wheat bread recipes, the New York style white pizza recipe, the scones, and the snickerdoodles.

The draft of the new version tipped 100 pages, which was my goal before I’d start considering a price increase or a potential print version.

As a note, any current owners will get the new ebook version for free, regardless of price increase.

Print version?
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#veganuary #pizza 🤤

I first made this pizza a couple years back and I haven’t made it in soo long. Which is a shame. Because it’s amazing.

Inspired from the “onion obsession” sandwich from @seattlepaseo, a sandwich shop that came highly recommended when I first moved to Seattle from my number one restaurant recommender @steadfastaznheart .

This pizza is baked with just garlic olive oil and jalapeños then topped with a tonnnnn of caramelized onions. 2 yellow onions on this 14” pizza. A ton. Top those with some cilantro, a squeeze of lime, and a bunch of cashew cream.

The #cashewcream #recipe is on page 57 of the ebook. For a nice garlicky hit, add a couple of the garlic cloves left over from the garlic olive oil when you make the cashew cream.

I’ve also got a YouTube video on @oonihq ‘s channel. I’ll toss up a story with the link!

It’s so good. Give it a try!
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50% wholemeal
85% water

Last #wholewheat #sourdough post for a while, I promise 😂😂

This was me just dialing in the amount of water to use for my flour when doing 50% bread flour and 50% wholemeal, the Duffy as I call it (named after @matthewjamesduffy aka the king of 50% whole-wheat)

I’m working on a few wholemeal #recipes for the ebook. One will be 100% wholemeal, one will be 50% wholemeal, and one will be a “choose you own adventure” #recipe where I talk about the functions I talked about in previous posts on how to determine how much water and sourdough to use based on how much wholemeal you want to have in your bread.

That choose your own adventure recipe will have you make 2 loaves of bread. One at the recommended amount of water and one at 5% more water. I’m going to use it as a way to show how so little water can effect your bread in a big way.

This loaf was at 85% water following the same procedure as the loaf 3 posts back which was 80% water. I think I’ll end up somewhere right between 80% and 85% for the final recipe as I feel 85% was maybe just a tad too much water.

I update the ebook with these kinds of recipes from time to time and all ebook owners get those updates for free!

proofed: @flourside_ small oval
scored: @wiremonkeyshop arc
baked: @brovn4bread
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