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Quick red sauce recipe for pizza

Quickest way to up your pizza game? Up your sauce game!

Here’s a suuuuper quick red sauce and marg bake to inspire you.

Sauce for pizza is not hard to make, please stop buying jarred sauce! Amiright @nats_what_i_reckon ???

First way to up your pizza is making your own dough (#sourdough, duh) Good pizza starts with good bread.

Second, get quality ingredients.

Third, launch it into the stratosphere with proper gear, like an @oonihq #pizzaoven

Last, master sauces and topping combos. That’s how you get what my friend Tracy calls “1% pizza” as in better than the other 99% of pizza out there.

My ebook has my favorite sauce recipes and topping combos to get you going. I also talk about how to master different styles of pizza at home.

Next time you make a pizza, don’t use jarred sauce. It’s so much better to quickly do this.

Happy Friday everyone!

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