All my recipes are available in my digital books. Here are a few of my favorites:

California Style Pizza Dough

This is my go-to dough. Adding oil and a bit of water to the American Wood Fired (recipe in pizza with rosehillsourdough) makes a pillowy, chewy dough. The thicker dough can handle more toppings, but I still recommend keeping toppings relatively light. Find a nice balance which allows both the toppings and crust to cook to perfection, without over- or under-doing either. Also, since there is oil in the dough, this pizza can burn easier than the American Wood Fired, so don’t cook with as large of a flame.

Beginner’s Sourdough

This is my manageable introduction to baking sourdough bread. It’s low hydration and the dough is easy to work with. It’s mostly hands off, but you will need a four-hour block to work with the dough off-and-on once you start. After baking this a few times, you’ll have the tools to move on to higher hydration loaves. This recipe makes one 500g loaf of bread, and I like to make two at a time. The 500g loaf fits perfectly in a 2 Quart Dutch Oven, as shown in the photo.

A Sourdough From Scratch

So you want to start a sourdough? I’m here to help! Sourdough is amazing! It will stay alive forever with pretty little maintenance. It takes about a week to get a sourdough going, and then with a little care, you’ll have a magical friend that can help you make baked goodies for life. Weekly feedings is all it really takes to keep a sourdough happy and healthy. Ready to join the sourdough fam? Let’s get started!