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50% sourdough recipe

High inoculation experiment 2

100% organic bread flour
50% sourdough
67% water
3% salt

Honestly amazing.

Fed culture at a 1:1:1 ratio and warm to get a 3 hour peak. Autolysed at the same time.

Then made this bread, fermented warm, and it was in the fridge only 4 hours after mix.

The dough felt great. Very close to my standard loaves.

I’m zeroing in on something I’m calling the YCH or Yeasted Comparable Hydration, as in if you want to covert a yeasted recipe to sourdough, how do you factor in the water and flour from the sourdough into your hydration calculation?

I feel like it will end up being somewhere around all the water and 80% of the flour, but still working on it.

Also, the application of this is really cool. With how fast this is fermenting, I could see having a truely same day sourdough recipe that is properly fermented and properly digestible. Still working on it. Stay tuned.

I think this could handle more water, so I’m going to try that next. That should speed things up even more 🏎💨

Never stop experimenting!
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