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Sourdough vs yeast (ADY)

Another #4jarsofsourdough experiment!

A little background: I haven’t told many folks but in writing a new ebook, 1% pizza with @rosehillsourdough (you’ll be seeing a lot of the hashtag #1percentpizza very soon!) For more info on the name, listen to my podcast interview with @whatsgooddough

The new pizza ebook is all about pizza styles in the US, specifically, how to make and bake regional styles using #sourdough

There are TONS of great recipe books out there for pizza, yet there’s not a single compressive guide to #sourdough pizza. That’s where I come in! 🙋‍♂️

This experiment was crucial to see what an equivalent amount of ADY yeast is compared to sourdough since so many regional styles use ADY.

Another aspect of yeasted to sourdough recipe dev is understanding total hydration and how much of the flour and water from the sourdough to bring into the equitation. I’ve got that solved too with something I’m calling YCH or yeasted comparable hydration. It’s a super easy formula, but don’t worry, I’m taking care of all the math for you 👏

For this experiment, the 3 yeasted jars are at 80% water, and their respective amounts of ADY. The SD jar is 20% sourdough and 76% water for a YCH of 80%. The SD was fed 8 hours prior at 100% hydration and used at its peak.

As you can see the equivalent amount of yeast when using 20% SD would be around 0.125% ADY. No wonder some of my favorite yeasted recipes so far are under 0.3% ADY, it gives the dough the time it needs, just like using sourdough.

I’m going to have a whole discussion in the book about the ways SD still beats ADY even at low ADY%. One of those is in full effect in this video. Look at how the ADY doughs are sticking to the walls of the jar. This demonstrates the superior enzymatic activity in sourdough when the aim is digestibility. Yes you get good enzyme activity in yeasted dough with long cold ferments, but sourdough is even better, and it’s all due to the LAB. More in the ebook!

Even though the pizza ebook will be a standalone book, the current ebook will be updated to include these new pizza recipes and all current owners will get the update for free 🥳

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