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How to feed your starter

I always feed my #sourdough (Lucille) at 100% hydration and with a mix of 50/50 bread flour and wholemeal flour.

I like to keep a jar like this of premixed 50/50 so I don’t have to try and do exactly half bread flour and half wholemeal every time I feed.

I’ll change up my ratio depending on how fast / slow I want the sourdough to peak, but I always feed at equal parts flour and water (100%)

Did you know you can buy my #sourdoughstarter ? My friends at @ryesandshinesourdough sell it on their site and offer shipping to both US and CAN 🇺🇸🇨🇦. It’s not dried sourdough. It is alive and kicking so you can get up and running as soon as possible.

I like to feed it 50/50 because I appreciate the additional nutrients and complex flavors from the wholemeal flour but I don’t like feeding at 100% wholemeal because I don’t make my loves with 100% wholemeal. Since I make my bread with both bread flour and wholemeal, I like to use both when I feed. I feed at 50/50 because the math is easy.

I think the biggest misconception with sourdough is that you must feed it everyday. That’s just not true. As more and more folks are headed back to work, some are becoming discouraged at the amount of time they think their sourdough takes to maintain. If you feed it weekly, you’re fine. Pop it in the fridge 24 hours after feeding and you’ll be fine. You may need to feed in an extra time before you bake next, but that’s wayyy less than daily. Lest waste, both flour and time. Win win!
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