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AVPN Neapolitan style pizza dough recipe

In the new pizza ebook #1percentpizza , I’m converting all my favorite pizza styles over to 100% naturally fermented #sourdough

I worked on an AVPN style Neapolitan #pizza recipe this weekend and it came out fantastic!

The AVPN is the certification body that decides what is and what is not “true” Neapolitan pizza.

I took an AVPN course recently and learned all the rules for making certifiable Neapolitan pizza. Now by definition this would not fall under the rules as I’m using sourdough and not fresh yeast, but I did follow all the other rules including a 24 hour room temp ferment. It was the first time I’ve ever done 24 hours at room temp and I must admit I really liked the dough!

Other rules include no leoparding! Which I was very surprised to hear!

I’ll include the full details of the recipe in the ebook when it’s released but for now here are the deets for the dough:

53% water
3% salt
8% sourdough
100% 00 flour

12 minute hand knead. Divide and ball. Rest 24 hours at 22C (72F).

I did 250g dough balls that stretched nicely to 12”. I baked them on wood in my @oonihq #pizzaoven

I made the 3 distinct AVPN pizzas. Margherita (tomatoes, salt, Buffalo mozz, basil, olive oil), Marinara (tomato, garlic, oregano, olive oil), and Mastunicola (lard pepper pecorino basil).

I love a marinara as you can’t hide your dough. If the dough’s not good, the pizza won’t be good.

The mastunicola was good, my first one. I’m not going to recommend you run out and buy lard to make your next pizza. It wasn’t life changing. But it was tasty.

And the marg. Well, she’s queen for a reason.

I’ve got a few last recipes to get through and then the new ebook will be done 👏
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