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Remember that ikea loaf from yesterday?

The recipe had been my recent go to:
80% @marriagesflour Canadian
20% whatever flour
75% water
20% #sourdough
3% salt

The “whatever flour” in this case is my DIY T-85

T-85 has become really popular recently. It’s basically a sifted wholemeal flour that removes the large bran flakes. So it’s not 100% wholemeal, but it does include most of the germ, and some bran.

It’s gained popularity because the germ adds a ton of nutrition to the flour but you don’t have to deal with the large bran flakes which can mess with absorption since wheat bran in an insoluble fiber.

You can get T-85 from some millers, but it’s more of a “specialty” flour and can be difficult to find at your local grocery store.

So make a DIY version at home!

I milled my own flour with my @wolfgangsmockmill , it’s a local soft wheat grown in Fife. But you don’t have to make your own. You can do it with store-bought wholemeal flour too!

I use this small mesh sieve thing. You just want a small, decently fine, sifting device.

And you just, well, sift.

And what comes out is milled endosperm, germ, and some bran. And what is left is large bran flakes. A lot of bran flakes!

It’s not just for #bread bakers! Lots of folks in the #pizza world are working more whole grain into their dough because it not only boosts nutrition, but flavor too!

Try sifting your own flour and see how it goes!
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New Post!

I went to ikea today.

Knowing that I was going to ikea today, and also wanting to make some dough to bake tomorrow, I made a plan.

I had to plan, because even without 1 way systems and traffic control in the store, the fastest you can make it through ikea is 42 minutes, and since I was taking my 5 year old, I banked on 2 hours. And we were there 2.5.

But that’s fine! Because I had a plan!

Typically I don’t do a “mix” (a bakers term for what normal people call kneading)

I do mix my dough in the sense that I combine all the ingredients, but I don’t knead until I get a window pane, or for some magic amount of time. I just mix with a spatula until all the flour is gone and it looks homogeneous.

But not on ikea day.

See with my normal “no-knead” recipes, you have to fold every 45 minutes or so to build dough strength, but I knew I’d be out mispronouncing names and convincing myself that everything in the store really IS normal size for hours so I knew I couldn’t do folds.

So, I mixed.

First video is mixing with the “slap and fold” technique. I’m sorry I can’t remember who has popularized it, I’ll go look it up and add it to the comments. The method is all in the name, and it basically works as an upside down knead for doughs that are too wet for normal kneading. I did this for about 5 minutes.

The second video is the Rubaud method which mimics the act of a diving arm mixer. You rotate the bowl and you tuck in the edges of the dough. It’s less messy that a slap and fold and works well. Again about 5 minutes.

I then left to flat pack heaven.

When I returned 3 hours later, I did folds every 30 minutes for be last two hours, then did an hour bench rest, then into @flourside_ baskets and into the fridge.

I’ll bake them tomorrow and let you know how they go but so far so good!

Now off to build furniture that is about 90% to scale of my other furniture!
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New Post!


Now that I have your attention, please go check out what we’re doing this summer to raise funds to fight food insecurity! 👏
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New Post!

I really hate to post ANOTHER teaser for this 100% naturally fermented #sicilian recipe, but honestly, I can’t help it. Look at that #pizza!

It’s like eating a crunchy cloud smothered in cheese and sauce. It’s just so good!

Made “upside down” meaning cheese first then sauce.

I also do a covered parbake for 15 minutes to really make sure the bottom gets nice and crunchy.

No stones. No steels. Just a good quality pan (@lloydpans), good technique, and good dough.

Recipe will be in #1percentpizza, my new pizza ebook. Coming soooooon!

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My Best Sourdough Bread Recipe

My best #bread recipe

In the next version of #bakingwithrosehillsourdough I’m going to add in the “RHSD 3”.

It’s become my go-to #recipe for every week #baking

I’m also going to update all my recipes to include measurements for standard dough sizes 500g, 600g, 750g, and 1000g.

Here it is:
75% water
3% salt
20% sourdough
80% strong bread flour
20% whatever flour you want

I use warm water to get the dough to around 27C (80F)

I dissolve the salt, mix in the #sourdough, then add the flours.

I mix until combined then cover it.

Every 45 minutes or so I give it a fold and it sits for 5 hours covered. I do a stretch and fold first, then all other folds are coils.

Then I do a final coil fold and put the dough on the counter, uncovered, for a 1 hour bench rest.

Then into floured baskets and right into the fridge for an overnight rest.

In the morning, I preheat my baker to 230C (450F), score my loaf right out of the fridge, bake covered for 30-40 minutes (depending on size) then uncovered for 10-15 to get dark brown.

If this isn’t making sense, check out my ebook to learn how to read recipes like this!

It’s a foolproof recipe that works every time! I’ve used so many different types of flours and it’s fun to baseline with this recipe, then adapt the next to get the most out of the flour I’m using. Recently I’ve been grinding my own flour with my @wolfgangsmockmill then sifting out the large bran flakes. You can do this with wholemeal or whole-wheat flour you buy from the store. You can sift out the large bran flakes and leave behind some bran and the germ and endosperm. This produces a really flavorful loaf that is less dense than using 100% wholemeal flour.

My go to flours right now are @marriagesflour Canadian and anything by @cotswoldflour

I use @flourside_ proofing baskets (check out my website for a discount code)

I score with @wiremonkeyshop UFO or ARC

And I bake in either @brovn4bread , @lodgecastiron or @challengerbreadware depending on the loaf!

Ebook on my website

Happy baking!
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Sicilian Pizza

The #sourdough #Sicilian #pizza recipe from the new ebook #1percentpizza is AMAZING

When I started developing the recipe, I went to the pan pizza man himself @eddiespizza412 for advice and he gave me some great tips and an awesome jumping off point for the recipe dev. Thank you so much @eddiespizza412 !!!

This pizza is SO good. I even went fully Eddie and piped some ricotta on top and did sesame seeds on the base.

The dough itself is a 24 hour ferment. 5 warm, 15 cold, then 4 in the pan before baking. It has a covered parbake the is topped and finished in the oven.

The airiness is outstanding and the crunch is just so satisfying. It is a fantastic pizza and I’m motivated more than ever to get this ebook done so you can make it too!

Eddie typically does sesame seeds on his grandmas, and not Sicilians, but I wanted to try it so I did it anyway. It was my first time with sesame seeds and it does add a really nice flavor and texture! I say give it a go on your next pan pizza!

I also did a spin on “upside down” here. Upside down is when the cheese is first then sauce. I did parbake, sauce and cheese, bake until the cheese browned, then more sauce and a final bake. So a sauce sandwich? Then a topping of piped ricotta and fresh basil. So in total sauce, cheese, sauce, cheese. Maybe a double decker? I don’t know. It was good though!

Oh and don’t worry, in the ebook I break down the differences between bar, grandma, Sicilian, and Detroit. all great pizzas, just slight differences in the dough.

I need to go make another pizza. Honestly this was just so good!

Baked in an 8×10 @lloydpans for perrrffeccctt color
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Fresh bread!

Nothing better than fresh bread!

I’ve been mixing flours a lot recently and love the different combos I’ve been coming up with.

Mixing flours is a great way to introduce new flavors, textures, and nutrients into your loaves.

I like to start with a really strong base flour. Here I’m using 80% @marriagesflour Canadian flour as my base.

The other 20% is whatever I feel like dropping in! I’ve been messing around a lot recently with some flour I was #gifted from @cotswoldflour

My favorite so far is a mix they have of spelt and rye, but also love their Cotswold crunch and their ancient grain varieties.

When I do a mixed flour loaf, I like to start with 75% water and go from there. This loaf was:

80% @marriagesflour Canadian
20% @cotswoldflour Heritage Barley
75% water
3% salt
20% #sourdough

5 hours warm with folds every 45 minutes or so. 1 hour bench rest. Proofed in @flourside_ in the fridge overnight. Scored with @wiremonkeyshop ARC Baked in @brovn4bread

I’ve been loving putting clotted cream and jam on toast. Is that okay UK friends, or is clotted cream reserved for scones 😂
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mmmm waffles!

#sourdough #waffles No better way to start the day!

This waffle recipe is special to me. It’s the first sourdough discard recipe that I developed. I was attempting to make a sourdough version of @kenjilopezalt ‘s pancake recipe from The Food Lab and ended up with a KILLER waffle batter. Always be looking to pivot!

This recipe is super hands off. It’s an overnight sponge followed by a quick mix in the morning and then straight into a hot waffle iron.

I think the best compliment I got was from my buddy @matthewjamesduffy who asked if he could credit me in his book for a waffle recipe he developed based on mine. He said he couldn’t get one as good as mine so he wanted to see if I was cool with him taking mine. Yes! Great artists steal as they say 😄Thanks for the credit Duffy!

Added bonus, the only sugar is from maple syrup, so if you’re looking to cut back on processed sugar, this is a great recipe.

Plus, sourdough! It’s easier on the gut.

Do it.

Recipe as always is in my ebook
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My best banana bread recipe!

#sourdough #bananabread

I hate waste! That’s why my ebook has so many #sourdoughdiscardrecipe (s)

While working on the new pizza ebook, I’ve been making some mods to the baking ebook, and been thinking about spinning off all the discard recipes into a 3rd ebook. Current ebook owners, have no fear! #bakingwithrosehillsourdough would continue to be the main ebook and everything will stay there! It would just be a separate book for new folks maybe interested in just having a discard only book.

This is one of my favorite recipes from the ebook. It’s super delicious, super easy to make, and super flexible (3 supers!)

Here I added some fresh blueberries to the mix and sprinkled a little Demerara sugar on top.

It’s my daughter’s favorite as well as it’s fun for her to help out with. Peel and save your old bananas in the freezer for when you have enough discard to make this bread and you’ll never throw old bananas away again!
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Pineapple and olive pizza? Yes!

Pineapple and black olive

I’ll put anything on a pizza, so when a coworker said that pineapple and black olive pizza sounded gross, I made one to prove it wasn’t 😂

It was really nice!

Olive oil base, pineapple, black olive, shredded mozz, granulated garlic all on my “American Wood Fired” style #sourdough #pizza dough recipe I posted about yesterday. This was a 1 day cold proof and turned out great!

Wood fired in my @oonihq , duh

Okay, back to writing the ebook


Oh, I forgot to mention in my last post, all #bakingwithrosehillsourdough ebook owners will get the pizza ebook for free. I need to figure out how to make that happen, but it will happen!
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