rhsd Wood Pulp Proofing Basket


I’m so excited to be the only person (that I know of) offering this size and shape (750-1000g oval) proofing basket in the US.

I fell in love with wood pulp proofing baskets while living in the UK and I am pleased to be able to bring them back with me to the US.

Make it a bundle! Pair your new rhsd proofing basket with the and only BreadMat and save!

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Wood pulp proofing baskets have been used in European bakeries for over 100 years; for good reason!

  • They absorb moisture evenly, creating crispier crust
  • They are environmentally friendly, made from sustainable wood pulp
  • They are easy to clean, just allow them to dry completely between uses
  • Their thick walls offer thermal insulation, limiting dough temperature fluctuations
  • They last a lifetime

I offer one size proofing basket, and it easily holds up to 1000g of dough. My go-to size is between 750g and 1000g.

This is the only basket I use in my baking.

These wood pulp proofing baskets are hand made in Germany, so slight fluctuations basket to basket is expected.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.25 × 3 in
Proofing Basket Qty

1 Pack (Basket Only), 1 Pack BreadMat Bundle (1 Basket + 1 BreadMat), 2 Pack (Baskets Only), 2 Pack BreadMat Bundle (2 Baskets + 2 BreadMats)


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