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The BreadMat™ is a reusable parchment paper replacement.

Bake Better Bread

Stop Wasting Paper

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The BreadMat™ is a reusable parchment paper replacement. It is shaped to fit the majority of popular baking vessels.

Strong handles make moving bread in and out of a hot oven easier and safer than using parchment.

The unique patented design enhances heat distribution, evening color and reducing burns.

It is made from certified food-safe silicone.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 16 × 9 × .1 in
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1 Pack, 2 Pack

17 reviews for The BreadMat

  1. Julia

    Finally! I have been baking bread for almost a year now and I can not tell you how many rolls of parchment paper I went through. I was cutting my parchment paper the same shape as The Bread Mat, because it’s so convenient to place a loaf into a Dutch oven without burning hands. However, I felt like I was wasting so much paper that way. So grateful for this product! I bake boules and batards on it and both shapes fit very nicely. After baking, I just rinse it with water and it’s brand new. I also noticed that the bottom of my loaves get a very even color and don’t burn as much as without it. The quality is amazing! I am so pleased with it that I’m shipping one out to my friend in England. It’s a must item for every baker to have.

  2. @birdysbread

    I’ve been using an Amazon version of the bread mat for almost a year, and I knew there had to be a better design.
    TheBreadMat solved all the problems I had with the Amazon version. It is not too hot to touch coming out of the oven, it’s sturdy and durable, and it has the perfect circumference to fit my bigger boules.
    I am super happy with @thebreadmat and I’m telling everyone. Haha! If you bake bread, buy it. It’s worth every Penny.

  3. Lisa wollek

    I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have these bread mats!
    I have a micro bakery and efficiency and economy are super important! I don’t have to buy stacks and stacks of parchment paper anymore so that’s a win financially and from a waste perspective!
    So glad I got it on the ground floor and got mine! Looking forward to many happy bakes. 🙏🏻

  4. StacyG (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. So easy to use and care for. No longer feel the guilt of using so much parchment. I also feel like the bottom of my bread has more consistent browning. I will definitely recommend or maybe gift 🤫 this to the 2 friends that convinced me I could bake bread.

  5. Meadow @meadows_bakes

    These are a must have! I was using a bread sling from Amazon and it’s flimsy and hot out of the oven and the bottoms of my loaves were still getting too dark. These mats are so much sturdier and make the bottom of my loaves perfectly evenly brown! And I love the textures they leave, it’s so pretty! 😍 Bravo! Telling all my friends about them ☺️

  6. Aris (verified owner)

    Yo!! This is a game changer!! No more parchment paper to cut to fit my baking vessels. Today I baked in both my challenger and on my spin iron cloche and the bread mat did amazing!! Never looking back!!

  7. Maureen (verified owner)

    Love it!! Makes my life easier, my bread better, and avoids wasting parchment paper, what’s not to love?! The generously-sized side tabs make moving loaves into/out of the baking vessel SO easy (and way more safe). It fit perfectly in my Lodge combo cooker. My loaves came out with a beautifully dark bottom 😀. It’s also easy to clean and store.

  8. Dolores (verified owner)

    Tried these out for the first time yesterday, one boule and one batard. Each loaf was >1,000 grams and was worried whether they’d fit, but they did! These mats worked PERFECTLY with both. Easy to load and unload into the Challenger baker. Plus, the browning on the bottom was even. I am so excited about baking bread again thanks to these 😊

    No more shredding parchment paper! 🙌🏼

  9. Beth (verified owner)

    We have been using the breadmat for several weeks. Firstly, not using so much parchment paper is a win! This Mat is well constructed, washes up nicely and is easy to handle. There is even browning on the bottom of our loaves and this mat fits well in our lodge combo cooker. I would highly recommend this mat to any bread makers out there. we also feel the cost is very good for the product.

  10. Zoe Richards (verified owner)

    Thanks to The Bread Mat I’ve just produced my best ever bake – and the bottom of the loaf is crispier and browner. I was excited to use The Bread Mat but I didn’t expect such amazing results. Can’t wait to do my next bake.

  11. Finlay (verified owner)

    The Bread Mat is an incredible product that not only helps me produced better bread but also reduces waste with parchment paper which is a huge selling point for me. I have never bought something so fast in my life and it has gone way beyond my expectations that were already high. I’m already looking forward to my next bake!

  12. Lisa Wollek

    OK, finally got a chance to use my bread mats!!! Sooooo glad I got 4!
    Well-made and sturdy
    Lightweight easy to clean and store
    Simple to use… Those grab tabs are everything!
    Interestingly enough: my bakes are even better than with parchment. Something about the way the bottom of the loaves is affected seems to assist with browning and crisping.

    I didn’t think of it myself!

    Way to go guys! 🙌🏻

  13. Jacob F (verified owner)

    Such a great product! Easy to store and clean, really reduces burning and encourages a more even bake, and eliminates having to waste parchment paper every time I bake! Can’t recommend this highly enough.

  14. Megan G (verified owner)

    So excited and grateful to finally have the bread mats! I was struggling with bottom crusts getting too dark and these have solved that problem 100%. I can’t speak to how long they last, but they feel sturdy and I can’t find anything I’d change. I typically bake boules in a Lodge combo cooker, and both boules and batards and smaller things like bread bowls in my Challenger pan. These mats work great for all things! Highly recommend to all bread bakers. Very much worth the price. No more endless cutting and wasting parchment. Thank you, Rosehill Sourdough!

  15. Desiree Craig (verified owner)

    Where has The BreadMat been all my bread-baking life?! This is a game changer, no more wasting flimsy parchment! My loaves baked up beautifully, and they washed up so easily. My only critique is I find the handles a bit short. In my smaller Dutch oven (Le Crueset) only about an inch sticks up over the edge to be able to grab, and in my larger Dutch oven (Le Creuset) I wasn’t able to grab the mat out of it at all by the handles, had to just grab the loaf, which is totally fine – BUT I think a couple extra inches in length on the handles would make the BreadMat absolute perfection. I mean, it’s 99% there already! Absolutely love it and will be telling all my sourdough baker friends about it!

  16. Kelly M (verified owner)

    I can’t even begin to explain how much of a gamer changer the BreadMat is for my sourdough bread making – just an incredible product. Not to mention it never felt great to use so much parchment paper to then just throw away. This is a useful, easy to clean reusable staple I will be using time and time again!

  17. Marci (verified owner)

    Well this mat has just about changed everything for my bread baking! It protects my loaves bottoms so well and i am so glad I decided to give them a try! I highly recommend getting yourself a pair if you like to bake sourdough breads and get that nice artisan style dark color, it’ll save those bottoms from getting too toasty!

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