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low ‘n slow on @oonihq #koda16

I love how in pizza “low” 650F and “slow” is 6 minutes 😂😂

This is my #sourdough #pizza #recipe from my ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough using the #neapolitanpizza modification.

Depending on the flour, you may want to drop the water even lower than 60% and/or give it less time in the fridge.

In general I’ve found…
Bread flour great at 3 days
Caputo red 2-3 days
Caputo blue 1-2 days
Caputo pink 1 day

I don’t think me or @pizzainthesac can really take credit for this kind of bake but I love it and have been doing it since before Koda 16 was launched and I don’t think there’s anyone who’s put more effort into perfecting this particular cook than @pizzainthesac. If you’re an #ooni fan, he’s worth a follow!

Happy Friday fam!
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