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New York Style Pizza Recipe

New York recipe complete 💪

I’ll share the full procedure in my next recipe ebook #1percentpizza which will include 14-16 regional styles (mostly American) of pizza made with #sourdough and all 100% naturally fermented.

This recipe makes 5x 360g dough balls great for 14”-16” pizzas

1000g bread flour
650g water (65%)
100g sourdough (10%)
30g salt (3%)
12g olive oil (1.2%)
20g diastatic malt (2%)

I had some friends who grew up in New York over today and, although it was a bit risky to test a recipe dev on them, I knew I had something when I heard “I could cry, it’s the closest thing I’ve had to home in so long” 👏

This 14” was made in @oonihq #koda16 using the low-n-slow method. Launched at a stone temp of 375C and modulated between flame off and flame low to get a great deep golden brown on the crust in a 6 or so minute bake. The snap of the crust as the pizza wheel goes through is just the best!

For more info on low-n-slow check out @pizzainthesac

Expect the new ebook to drop sometime this summer ☀️
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