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New Post!

A quadruple share today! 🥳

Today is all about #bread!

4 accounts for you to follow:

All 4 are great teachers and have amazing content focused on teaching you all about #sourdough!

@artisanbryan does online courses, had an award winning blog, and has a print book (New World Sourdough). He has experience working in large bakeries and teaches sound technique.

@matthewjamesduffy is an actual professor and teaches in Toronto and has great how to videos on his IG. He has worked in award winning kitchens and teaches skills applicable to both home bakers and large scale bakers.

@sourdoughsophia has great online coursework that she so generously gifted me that I have been working through and it is very well done and the accompanying ebook looks amazing! She has scaled up her cottage food home micro bakery and is opening a large bakery soon!

@vanessakimbell teaches at the @sourdoughschool and has the book The Sourdough School which I enjoyed so much that I gifted copies to a few friends. It’s just so good and is so full of fantastic information! What I love about her is that her research isn’t just about baking technique but how and why sourdough is so different (and far more nutritious) than modern bread.

Fill your feed with inspiration, not comparison.

All these folks are here to help and spread knowledge! Use them!
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