All my recipes are available in my digital books. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sourdough Focaccia

This is where many people start, and for good reason! The focaccia is amazingly simple and utterly delicious. This is a great introduction to high hydration doughs. Since it bakes in a pan, there isn’t so much focus on building enough tension to hold itself up during baking. So the pressure is off; just enjoy  working with 80% dough and witnessing the magic of the coil fold as your dough goes from a messy mix of flour and water to a smooth, strong dough! Be sure to use lightly wet hands when handling this dough.

California Style Pizza Dough

This is my go-to dough. Adding oil and a bit of water to the American Wood Fired (recipe in pizza with rosehillsourdough) makes a pillowy, chewy dough. The thicker dough can handle more toppings, but I still recommend keeping toppings relatively light. Find a nice balance which allows both the toppings and crust to cook to perfection, without over- or under-doing either. Also, since there is oil in the dough, this pizza can burn easier than the American Wood Fired, so don’t cook with as large of a flame.

Beginner’s Sourdough

This is my manageable introduction to baking sourdough bread. It’s low hydration and the dough is easy to work with. It’s mostly hands off, but you will need a four-hour block to work with the dough off-and-on once you start. After baking this a few times, you’ll have the tools to move on to higher hydration loaves. This recipe makes one 500g loaf of bread, and I like to make two at a time. The 500g loaf fits perfectly in a 2 Quart Dutch Oven, as shown in the photo.

Best Proofing Basket Loaf

If you just got my rhsd wood pulp proofing basket, use this recipe!


This is a fantastic recipe if you’re looking to try out a new flour, or you’re just looking for a recipe that is easy to practice a new technique.

Sourdough Naan

I love naan. It is a fantastic flatbread. Chewy with the right amount of bite. I utilize a really warm fermentation to try and help the lactic aicd bacteria create a yogurt-y creamy sourness that can be found in naan made with yogurt. The dough is pretty dry so it is easy to work with and the risk of over-proofing is very low, making the timeline highly adjustable. If you cannot find Maida flour, use the lowest protein soft white flour you can find, “cake flour” in the US, “plain” in the UK.

Sourdough Sandwich Bread

This may be my daughter’s favorite recipe! She requests it often and it makes an amazing sandwich. On top of that, the timeline is great for baking the same day! If you feed your sourdough the night before, the bread only takes about 6 hours start to finish, which is saying something for sourdough!

Sourdough Discard Banana Bread

I hate food waste. That is why I have so many discard recipes in Baking with Rosehill Sourdough. One of my faves is the Banana Bread. It uses up both sourdough discard and overripe bananas. Win-win! Also, it’s delicious! This is one of my daughter’s recipes. She loves to mix the batter and really loves to eat it, especially as banana bread french toast!

Sourdough Waffles

Oh the waffles. The famous sourdough discard overnight waffles. You are so tasty. So light. So crispy. Such a great way to eat more whipped cream!

If you have some sourdough discard in the fridge, grab some buttermilk and make these! They are fantastic and freeze amazingly, so make a double batch!


Super fast discard recipe and is super delicious!

Sourdough Bagels

#makethebagels! Seriously. Make them! The bagels are so easy to make and you’ll never buy store bought again! Also included is my recipe for “everything seasoning”. Check out my bagel posts on IG to see my technique for my famous cheddar jalapeño bagels. Make the bagels!

Grandma Style Pizza

A super easy pan pizza that’s sure to delight! This recipe is great for beginners (and kids!) for a number of reasons: the lower hydration compared to other pan pizza recipes is great for learning how to mix and handle dough; it removes the pressure of stretching and launching pizza since it’s just stretched in the pan; and it lends itself well to any and all toppings!

A Sourdough From Scratch

So you want to start a sourdough? I’m here to help! Sourdough is amazing! It will stay alive forever with pretty little maintenance. It takes about a week to get a sourdough going, and then with a little care, you’ll have a magical friend that can help you make baked goodies for life. Weekly feedings is all it really takes to keep a sourdough happy and healthy. Ready to join the sourdough fam? Let’s get started!