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v2.0 release notes: yeasted recipes! Yes you read that right. Obviously I want everyone to experience the magic of sourdough, but some folks just aren’t ready to make that change. I’ve adapted all the recipes in this book to be able to use the exact same techniques and timelines, just with ADY, IDY, or fresh yeast instead of sourdough. Also, I’ve adapted some of the thicknesses of some of the recipes (very minor changes) based on some community feedback. Enjoy v2! – Mike

Where Baking with Rosehill Sourdough covers all sorts of sourdough baking, this book is a deep-dive on sourdough pizza. After looking everywhere for a resource on dough for different sourdough pizza styles and coming up short, I did the research, created and tested the recipes, and compiled them here, for you!

I’ll teach you how to create a sourdough starter from scratch and maintain it, then it’s all about the pizza! 15 dough recipes across 4 categories: Neapolitan, Neo-Neapolitan, New World, and Pan. It’s important to note that I distinguish among styles by altering the dough and the baking techniques, rather than focusing on toppings. I have included a section with sauce recipes and topping combinations, but the focus here is on dough.

If you’ve been around here long, you know I am a firm believer in sourdough for superior pizza quality and digestibility. My goal with this book is make the world of sourdough pizza accessible, because everyone can make great pizza at home. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, using a home oven or an Ooni, this book is for you. The recipes take nothing for granted, so if this is your first sourdough venture, I’m here for you. If you consider yourself a pizza pro, there’s plenty here for you too, whether it’s learning more about fermentation or the importance of enzymes or discovering a new pizza dough style, this book will level up your pizza game.

This book is packed full of the sourdough knowledge you’ve come to expect from @rosehillsourdough, plus answers to your FAQs, like how to prevent and repair tears in pizza dough, keep the dough from sticking, and how to identify the perfect proof. It’s everything you need to make excellent pizza at home.

This is a digital book.

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15 reviews for Pizza with Rosehill Sourdough

  1. Jackie Longmire

    Pizza with Rosehill Sourdough taught me and my boyfriend how to make amazing pizza, bread, and so many other delicious items. It’s easy to follow for beginners, has great tips and tricks, and outside of just typical pizza recipes has some really creative recipes as well!!! We have absolutely loved this e-book and highly recommend for anyone looking to get into sourdough and/or pizza making!

  2. Liz (verified owner)

    I’m thankful for Mike and his bread book and now pizza e-book. Both links are always open for me to use throughout the week.
    Pizza with Rosehill Sourdough will teach you how to make amazing pizza at home in your home oven or pizza oven. His recipes are simple to follow and he is always willing to answer questions I ask.
    You won’t be disappointment.

  3. Till Martin

    Sourdough Pizza for everyone! Simple and clear instructions on how to make a sourdough starter and take care of it. Great variety of different pizza styles and a lot of knowledge and inspiration for all your sourdough ambitions. Great ebook, highly recommend.

  4. Lee (verified owner)

    I’ve been really impressed with this book. The recipes I’ve made so far have been great (favorites are the Sicilian and the American wood fired.)

    I appreciate the handy conversions at the end of each recipe if you want to make things bigger or smaller and the technique videos are a huge help too. Seeing something I’ve never done before (like a coil fold) doesn’t feel intimidating when there’s a video to go along with it.

    The book has been especially helpful to me as an Ooni owner. It’s definitely had me reconsider the temperature and flame size I’ve been using and the pizzas I’ve made have improved from it (even recipes not from the book.)

  5. Neil Thornton (verified owner)

    Such a fantastic guide. I thought I knew a fair bit on sourdough, but this really does go into depth I didn’t even know was necessary!

  6. Dan hall

    I’ve been making proper pizza since 2017, and I’m an advocate if fresh yeast, the only person in the world who can influence me to use sourdough is Mike. If you want to learn about how to create, feed and care your starter, and how to apply it to all manners of pizza, then this is the book for you .

    Mozzafella seal of approval

  7. Mike Holman

    Whatever style you’re feeling this book has it. Great for any type of home baker from a home oven to an ooni oven. This is the only sourdough pizza book you will ever need.

    -Mike @pizzainthesac

  8. Dan M (verified owner)

    Love it! RHSD pizza book has heaps of different varieties. I’ve cooked 4-5 styles so far in the Ooni and it has been so much fun experimenting!!! Easy to follow, format and the alternative dough ball sizes table on each recipe is really useful too.

  9. Jenny Vidas (verified owner)

    I’d loved the pizza recipes in the original RHSD baking book, so buying the pizza expansion was an easy release day purchase. Most skills are a journey of finding the nuances and techniques that work well for you, and Mike’s recipes, videos, recommendations, and variations work well for me. Combined with investing in fresher flour, these pizza recipes were a real game changer for our ooni and our pan pizzas.

    Also, the scaled ratios provided for sizing for pan/pizza diameter to your needs are a life saver. I love not having to math an 8×10 Detroit out myself.

  10. Drew Williams (verified owner)

    This book has been so helpful! The California dough was a big hit and I look forward to trying the rest soon.

  11. Ben W (verified owner)

    I can’t think of another sourdough dedicated pizza book that is more complete, or contains as many unique dough recipes as this one. The recipes are very detailed and easy to follow.
    Also love the extra little details like the handy conversion charts to adapt recipes to a variety of pan sizes.
    Highly recommend this book for all your sourdough pizza needs!

    Ben – @mushypeaz

  12. Deanna Guastella (verified owner)

    The new Pizza bible.
    Big call but I’m making it!
    The only pizza making reference you will ever need to achieve professional results every time.
    As a qualified baker and pastry chef it makes me happy to see correct information being shared by someone so knowledgeable and passionate. You can tell how much effort he has put into this so you not only create brilliant pizza time after time, but gain alot of knowledge along the way.
    Two thumbs up from me!

  13. Matt Lee (verified owner)

    Super easy to follow, so many great recipes and regional styles! A must get E-book if you’re serious about raising your sourdough pizza game. I know I’ve improved cause of this. Can’t wait for future editions!!

  14. Gary (verified owner)

    An excellent guide to sourdough pizzas and much needed alternative to all those that focus on toppings as a differentiator. Recipes/methods are easy to follow and, once you’ve mastered a starter, consistent to make. Haven’t tried all the recipes yet but a massive fan of the DSP and all the variations of sourdough Neapolitan

  15. Rocky V (verified owner)

    This ebook is the real deal. It has renewed my interest with making pizzas in my Ooni oven. A little back story, I received my Ooni as a gift a year ago and tried for the 1st time. It was an absolute disaster! lol I was so terrified that the oven almost sat for a year before I tried again. With a bit of practice, I have gotten significantly better at using the oven. After purchasing Pizza with Rosehill Sourdough, it has simplified everything for me which has given me a ton of confidence with making pizzas. The book covers everything from start to finish and is very detailed. Mike has also been a helpful resource. The California style crust was a hit in our household and we are looking forward on trying out all the other ones. Totally recommend the ebook!

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