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Both sizes perfectly fit The BreadMat. YES, you can use an oval basket with a round BreadMat. It fits perfectly, because I designed it that way 🙌

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I’m so excited to be the only person (that I know of) offering these sizes and shapes (750-1000g oval and 650-950 round) proofing baskets in the US.

I fell in love with wood pulp proofing baskets while living in the UK and I am pleased to be able to bring them back with me to the US.

Recommended by Pro Home Cooks!

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Wood pulp proofing baskets have been used in European bakeries for over 100 years; for good reason!

  • They absorb moisture evenly, creating crispier crust
  • They are environmentally friendly, made from sustainable wood pulp
  • They are easy to clean, just allow them to dry completely between uses
  • Their thick walls offer thermal insulation, limiting dough temperature fluctuations
  • They are sturdy and have a professional look and feel
  • They last a lifetime

I offer two shapes of proofing basket, a round and an oval . My go-to size is an 875g oval, but hey, some prefer the round!

The oval basket is for loaves 750 – 1000g (875g sweet spot)
The round is for loaves 650 – 900g (750g sweet spot)
*I have had many bakers bake 500g loaves in both and love them!

These are the only basket I use in my baking.

These wood pulp proofing baskets are hand made in Germany, so slight fluctuations in color and size basket to basket are expected.


Return Policy:
Since these are a food contact item, I cannot return opened proofing baskets.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.25 × 3 in
Proofing Basket Qty

1 Round Basket, 2 Round Baskets, 1 Oval Basket, 2 Oval Baskets

110 reviews for rhsd Wood Pulp Proofing Baskets

  1. Aaron (verified owner)

    I have been using the same round bannetons for years but recently purchased some RHSD ones and can’t imagine using another. It has always been a challenge to get that consistent well-proofed but structurally strong dough in the past, but every single time I use one of these bannetons, it eliminates so many of the frustrations I have had in the past. Minimal flour is needed to keep it from sticking, the dough pops out easily and holds it shape and height extremely well, and it is the perfect size for a lodge combo cooker. All contribute to a perfect loaf with great oven spring and texture.

  2. Lynnea ruiz (verified owner)

    I bought this proofing basket and I cannot recommend it enough!! My ear and texture of my loaf have never been better! I also love the ease that I have to clean this basket- it makes my life SO much easier.

  3. Janie K (verified owner)

    I’m new to making sourdough and these proofing baskets were perfect for me. I started with one and liked the ease of use that I ended up buying two more. So far my bread has come out perfect every time. And when I’m done baking, I just put the basket in the hot, turned off oven and let it dry out to be ready for next time.

  4. Bea Jung (verified owner)

    This is the best banneton I have every used!!! I love the smooth interior and exterior. It stays clean and has a great shape. The price is unbeatable and the quality is the best around!!! Thank you so much for creating this product!!!!

  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    I love this for creating batards without using a towel and minimal maintenance. They’re a perfect shape and size (especially when used with the bread mat and/or a standard Lodge combo cooker).

    I also find the crust and crumb to be more uniform and consistent relative to classic bannetons, which I find to change slightly when coming out of the banneton.

    Also, Mike has great has great customer support. I had a mishap before my first use (my fault) and Mike was very prompt in responding and helping.

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