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Really honing in on this low hydration open crumb loaf #recipe

A reminder of the goals:
1) no knead
2) no proofing basket
3) open even crumb, but not wild crumb

Goals 1 & 2 are locked in. Just ironing out goal 3.

This try was folds every 45 minutes, but I think it needs every 30 early on to even out the crumb, then every hour later on not to build too much tension.

The overnight autolyse has been key to this and fits in perfectly with the timings for feeding my sourdough starter. And I think my hands may have been a little wet when folding since there are a couple tunnels.

This particular loaf was 72% water and it feels just about perfect there. Again 80% bread flour and 20% wholemeal.

The last video is this bread becoming what every fresh loaf wishes to become 😂

The recipe will get added to the ebook when it’s ready!

And if you already own the ebook, you’ll get an update with the new recipe.

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