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Yes, you can make oval loaves with a round BreadMat. I do it all the time!

The v2, -L, and -C all feature a solid silicone border to strengthen the mat
The v2 is the same size as the Original BreadMat
The -L has longer handles
The -C is cut perfectly for The Challenger Bread Pan

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Recommended by Serious Eats!

Recommended by Pro Home Cooks!

Recommended by Wirecutter!

The BreadMat™ is a reusable parchment paper replacement.

Bake Better Bread

Stop Wasting Paper

Made using LFGB Platinum Silicone (The highest standard in food safe silicone testing)

Which one should you get? Sizing below based on popular vessels:

Vessel BreadMat Size
Lodge 4.5 Qt. Dutch Oven The BreadMat v2
Lodge 6 Qt. Dutch Oven -L or v2
Lodge 7 Qt. Dutch Oven The BreadMat-L
Field Company No 10 The BreadMat-L
Challenger Bread Pan The BreadMat-C
Lodge 3.2 Qt. Combo Cooker The BreadMat v2
Le Creuset Bread Oven The BreadMat v2

I cannot recommend the Lodge 5 Qt. Combo Cooker or the Lodge 5qt Dutch Oven as the diameter is too small and the uncoated rough interior can cause wear on the mat which can shorten its longevity. If you already own one of these, I recommend purchasing the Lodge 3.2 Qt. Combo Cooker and using the base of that (which perfectly fits The BreadMat) with the deeper side of the Combo Cooker or Dutch Oven as a lid.

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The BreadMat™ is a reusable parchment paper replacement. It is shaped to fit the majority of popular baking vessels.

Strong handles make moving bread in and out of a hot oven easier and safer than using parchment.

The unique patented design enhances heat distribution, evening color and reducing burns.

It is made from LFGB platinum food-safe silicone and is rated to 500F.

The BreadMat will reduce dark spots and encourage even baking on the bottom of your loaf, but if it still too dark after using The BreadMat, it is recommended to place a heavy baking sheet on the bottom rack of your oven to act as a heat shield to further reduce darkening and to protect your BreadMat from excessive heat.

Return Policy:
Since these are a food contact item, I cannot return opened BreadMats.

The BreadMat is manufactured in China

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 16 × 9 × .1 in
BreadMat Styles and Multi-Packs

v2 – 1 Pack, v2 – 2 Pack, -L (long handles) 1 pack, -L (long handles) 2 pack, -C (challenger) 1 pack, Original – 1 Pack, Original – 2 Pack

209 reviews for The BreadMat

  1. Maureen (verified owner)

    I initially had some problems using the bread mat. I reached out to Mike via email and received a prompt, personalized reply with helpful suggestions. Following this guidance, I am now baking sourdough loaves that do not scorch or stick to the bottom of my dutch oven. Excellent customer service!

  2. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    It is much safer to handle than parchment paper. I got the long handles and particularly like the ease of getting bread into the very hot dutch oven. Oval loaf worked fine on round bread mat.

  3. Maggie Grzeskowiak (verified owner)

    I love the bread mat! It has really made things much simpler. I wanted to make sure that what I used was food safe, and I decided on Rosehill since it was recommended on Wirecutter. It is so easy to use. Just wash with soapy water, and you’re good to go. I also really like that I am not throwing away parchment paper. My husband commented that my bread looks professionally made because of the texture the mat leaves. 🙂
    Pro tip: I roll mine and use a paper towel roll to store it.

  4. Christopher Weese (verified owner)

    The Bread Mat is perfect for making sourdough in a dutch oven. I have been using mine for a few weeks and I am very impressed with the quality. It makes baking my sourdough a breeze!

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