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Baking with Rosehill Sourdough will help you learn how to be confident baking all things sourdough. From bread and pizza to crackers, waffles, biscuits, and beyond; bake your way through this cookbook and you will have the confidence to conquer any sourdough recipe!

Pizza with Rosehill Sourdough is a deep dive on pizza! 15 dough recipes across 4 categories: Neapolitan, Neo-Neapolitan, New World, and Pan. It’s important to note that I distinguish among styles by altering the dough and the baking techniques, rather than focusing on toppings. I have included a section with sauce recipes and topping combinations, but the focus here is on dough.

These are both digital books. This allows me to push out updates from time to time. All previous customers get access to updates for free!

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4 reviews for Rosehill Sourdough eBook Bundle

  1. Judy, @ohfortheloaf (verified owner)

    10 months into my baking journey, I got the Rosehill Sourdough eBook bundle and finally ventured into other sourdough recipes. I wish I got these sooner!!! I love how Mike breaks down each step clearly. His method is practical, no-fuss, and his engineering background and humor are peppered throughout the books alongside some fun emojis.

    My favorite part of the eBooks are the “Alternative Sizes/Yields” and the “Resources” section. He helps you to easily scale a recipe for different common-sized pans so you don’t find yourself needing to go buy a 9×13 pan for a particular recipe, nor do you need a calculator to adjust your recipe to feed just 2 people (or 10 people). Everything is conveniently there in tabular format!

    The “Resources” section offer FAQs, quick reference guides, and illustrations that are simple to digest, but best of all, Mike makes himself available on social media to help you troubleshoot. I messaged him on Instagram because I was struggling with a recipe and he responded quickly to offer support!

    My favorite recipes so far are the cold-proof neapolitan pizza crust, cinnamon rolls, buttermilk biscuits, and old fashioned donuts. I can’t wait to #makethebagels this weekend! 10/10 love the eBook Bundle.

  2. Wyman Chu (verified owner)

    I have been using Mike’s bread and pizza books for the past few months with much joy. Being an engineer myself, I find the recipes are easy to follow and adjust per his formulas. And on a plus side he is also very good at answering questions on his live instagram shows. I would highly recommend his books, especially those looking to getting into sourdough.

  3. Ben Ver Steeg (verified owner)

    Rosehill’s ebooks are great! Mike does a great job making it both accessible and easy to follow for newbies while providing enough depth and range on recipes to continue to be my go-to reference. Keep up the good work!

  4. Stormy (verified owner)

    The recipes are easy to follow and delicious! The troubleshooting section is a great to have on hand if any problems come up.

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