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v7 release notes: The long awaited naan recipe is here! It’s here! And they are so freaking good!! My new go-to RHSD III with updated timings is in v7, along with the RHSD IV where I actually put rye in a loaf (and liked it!). Also, donuts! A naturally leavened donut that is different from the old fashioned donuts in previous versions (don’t worry. that recipe is still in here too!). The cheat sheets have been added to the resources page AND (the most anticipated updated for pizza beook owners) Alternative Size Tables! All loaves have been standardized to 750g and the alternative size table lists ingredients to make 500g, 600g, 750g, and 1000g loaves to serve as a quick reference. v7! Woo!

Baking with Rosehill Sourdough will help you learn how to be confident baking all things sourdough. From bread and pizza to crackers, waffles, biscuits, and beyond; bake your way through this cookbook and you will have the confidence to conquer any sourdough recipe!

This also includes a step-by-step 4 week plan for learning sourdough, a brand new bread recipe for folks who just made a sourdough starter for scratch, and (the thing a lot of you have been asking for) each recipe now includes a timeline so you can easily plan your week using the included printable baking schedule that will help you know exactly when to feed your starter and make dough based on when you want to bake.

This is a digital book. This allows me to update the content from time to time. All previous customers will receive free updates.

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52 reviews for Baking with Rosehill Sourdough

  1. Dale (verified owner)

    Like working with a technical person. Baking is a science and an art form. A lot of youtubers have mistakes in their recipes and videos. I made my first Rosehill pizza last week with 5 days of frig time it turned out great! I also learned about peaking the starter! my second go around I didn’t peak the starter! Tasted okay but didn’t rise and the crust wasn’t airy.

  2. Heath scanlon

    I bought the pizza book, I think the information offered is great, no nonsense, straightforward instructions and that is what I’ve struggled to find till now.
    I’ve now made the cold proof sourdough Neapolitan recipe and had some very good success. I’m just disappointed I didn’t see the 2 book bundle first. I will still be buying the other book.
    Great purchase

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