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Page 48 & 50 New York Style Pizza

I hesitate to call this “New York Style” specifically because purists would argues it’s not New York Style so in general I call this style of pizza “New World Style”

Page 48 has an overview of New World Style pizza and how to bake it. Page 50 has a #recipe alt to my normal #sourdough #pizzadough to make it “New World Style” (little more water, little more oil)

This #pizza is a my take on a NY style white pie

The next revision of the ebook will have my go white sauce recipe but it’s super simple and I use it as a base sauce for any cream/milk and roux based sauce like alfredo, Mac-n-cheese, sausage gravy, etc. First, you gotta make a roux

This roux was done with olive oil and flour. Then I added whole milk, salt, pepper, red pepper flake, thyme flours from my friends at @missgoodherbs which I ground in my palm before adding. I allowed it to thicken then added a bit more milk and a squeeze of lemon to get it to my desired thickness. And boom. White sauce.

Tip: make sure you let sauces like this cool completely before adding to a pizza. Warm toppings is a sure fire way to make sure your pizza sticks to your peel.

I let the sauce cool, added it to a roughly 340g dough ball that was stretched to about 14”, then topped with shredded mozz, shredded gruyere, grated parm, and some dollops of goat cheese.

I used a low-n-slow technique in my @oonihq #koda16 to bake for 6 minutes or so for a NY style bake.

Preheat stone to 375C. Launch, turn to low, rotate as soon as the base firms a bit, about 45 seconds in, bake another 45s on low, cut flame completely, bake another 4 min or so rotating as needed. Then turn the flame back to high and get some color on top, about 30 seconds.

Admittedly, I let this go a little long and it’s a little dark for NY style. Oh well. Still tasty!

You can do the same with wood. @pizzainthesac has a great method in #oonipro.

Back to the pizza. It as creamy and amazing. I prefer to add some acid to the top to cut through the creaminess (same reason I add lemon to the sauce) Some pickled jalapeños did the trick but a squeeze of lime and some cilantro would have taken this pie to the next level 🤤
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