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I hate #waste

That’s why you’ll find 12 #sourdoughdiscardrecipes in my ebook (18 including recipes alts)

This #sourdoughdiscardrecipe is from page 65

#sourdoughdiscard #bananabread

It’s a double whammy for #nowaste !!

Not only do you use up 200g of #sourdoughdiscard but you also get to use 2 old overripe bananas. I peel and freeze my overripe bananas (thanks for the tip @altonbrown aka hero) and then make this #banana #bread with my daughter every month or so.

Typically I only use maple syrup for sugar but today I was feeling a little cheeky (my second favorite UK word) and sprinkled the top with a little turbinado sugar for a sweet crunch 🤤

This #recipe is a fan favorite.
I know @loaves_and_flyfishes makes it weekly and @golfin_n_grillin gave me the idea to make #frenchtoast with it. Oh man. It’s tasty.

Give it a try!

And stop discarding discard 🙅‍♂️
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