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A #boxingday conundrum

These two loves are identical in every way except one. Can you guess?

Recently I’ve been getting flat loaf after flat loaf. My pizza dough has felt super wet too, even at just 63% water. I haven’t changed anything in the process except tried to compensate for the cooler weather with longer and a tad warmer proofs.

My first thought was maybe I overcompensated for the cold. So I tried a loaf a tad cooler and it was underproofed. 🤔 hmmm that wasn’t it. What’s going on?

When in doubt, question your underlying assumption. My underlying assumption was that nothing had changed. So what if that wasn’t true? What could have changed if I thought I hadn’t changed anything? My flour. I was using the same brand flour but that doesn’t mean the flour hadn’t changed.

I grabbed a different brand bread flour and made two loaves. One with the bread flour I’ve been using for about 15 months and one with a new brand. Sure enough, the new brand worked well and my old go to brand fell flat!

The left is the new brand. The right is the old brand.

This isn’t super surprising but it is a good reminder that when I say you will probably need to tweak my bread recipes based on your environment and your flour, this is what I mean.

If you’re confident that your proof is good and your technique is good, and your loves are falling flat, just drop the water a bit, or grab some different flour and see what happens!

Have a happy Boxing Day folks! And if you don’t know what Boxing Day is, neither do I 😂😂😂

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