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When I moved from yeasted breads to #sourdough this was the one #recipe that took me the longest to crack.

I used to make yeasted focaccia all the time and when I made the switch, my first few sourdough focaccia were TERRIBLE. I didn’t know why at the time but by trial and (continuous and frustrating) error, I finally figured out they were just very underproofed.

It was actually in one of these head-scratching moments of “how do I fixed this focaccia” that I jokingly said, well I’ll just leave it out all night and see what happens.

It worked. And the rest is #makethefocaccia history 😂

I prefer my focaccia really thick like this, something about dimpling thick focaccia is just magic, but I also give instructions for how to make a more traditional thickness focaccia.

In the new version I changed the name from “overnight focaccia” to just “focaccia”. It’s still the same recipe and timeline, the name is the only thing that really changed in this recipe at all from previous version to new version.

This recipe is a favorite of the #rosehillsourdough fam, and at one point #focacciafriday was an actual thing. Time to bring it back?

Make The Focaccia
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