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Page 18 – Rosehill Sourdough

This is the first #sourdough #bread #recipe I developed and it’s still a favorite of mine.

When I first started #baking I struggled with where to find good resources. Most of the stuff I read told me what to do but not why to do it. And when I had questions about technique or what something meant, I didn’t feel like I had a good resource.

So I wrote my own 😂

The recipes and techniques in my ebook are written to explain things in a way that made sense to me, something I felt was lacking from other resources. And from the amazing reviews you’ve all written (thanks for those btw!) they seem to explain things in a way that you understand as well!

And, as this recipe shows, I was able to question why things were just a “given” to other bakers that didn’t sit quite right with me. Like why are all bread recipes written for 1000g loaves, why doesn’t anyone bake easier to handle 500g loaves? And do I really need a proofing basket?

I don’t know the answer to the first, but I prefer to bake (and teach) smaller loaves. The answer to the second is no, you don’t need a basket. I developed this recipe to be dry enough to proof on parchment under an upside down bowl. It wasn’t something I had seen anyone else do, but worked amazing for me.

A cool byproduct of this method was I found it super easy to score really cool designs, much easier than loaves from a basket.

Now this was before I found really great baskets [like my favorites from @flourside_ , discount code on my website). I love baking with baskets now and often do, but I still find my under a bowl proofing method makes for a great canvas.

This was my signature score for a while, a simple wood grain. Easy to score with my @wiremonkeyshop UFO

This was baked in a 2qt @lodgecastiron Dutch oven, my go to size for 500g loaves.

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Try a wood grain next time you bake. So fun!
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