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another overnight #autolyse experiment

this was 10 hours in the fridge, 27C going in to the fridge and 0.5C coming out of the fridge and it was just too cold. 🥶

This was:
20% whole wheat, 80% bread flour
85% water
20% peaked culture
2.5% salt

I gave it 30 minute folds for 2 hours after mixing in the culture and then 3 hourly folds, then a final shape. 6 hours from mix to proofing basket. No rest in the basket, right in the fridge for 48 hours.

I’ve now tried a bunch of different temps, all around 10 hours, including a room temp overnight autolyse. My favorite has been using a wine fridge set to 7C and putting it in at 29C.

Yes. I’ve converted a wine fridge to a dough proofing fridge 😂. And it’s awesome.

I think the final #recipe will be somewhere really close to this. Still narrowing in but I was happy with this guy.

Happy weekend everyone! In the US, happy Labor Day! Be safe!!

proofing basket: @flourside_
lame: @wiremonkeyshop
knife: @dalstrong

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