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Overproofed focaccia

Some folks have asked what overproofed focaccia looks like, well, like this. When you dimple the bubbles all pop and the surface has no peaks, just all flat.

However, fun fact. This dough isn’t actually overprooved 😱

Confusing weak dough and overproofed dough is very common for new bakers.

This dough isn’t overproofed, I just forgot about it last night and didn’t do enough folds to build strength. If you get lazy or forgetful and don’t do enough folding sessions or enough folds per folding session, your dough will look like this.

Both weak dough and overproofed dough look the same. That’s because overproofed dough is weak dough.

So how do I know this was just weak and not overproofed? Because of the flavor. The flavor is amazing. Overproofed dough tastes overly sour. This has great flavor, it was just weak so I got very little rise and it was a little dense.

Give the #sourdough #focaccia #recipe from my ebook a try. It’s the second most popular recipe (second to pizza dough) and an absolute winner! Just do enough folds 😉
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