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Page 47 & 48 – Pizza Styles

This NY style white pie that I made at work today was 😙👌

On pages 47 & 48 of the ebook I talk about different styles of pizza and provide #recipes for 4 major #pizza categories:
1) Neapolitan
2) Neo-Neapolitan
3) Pan
4) New World

New York style falls under the category of “New World”

New World is typically wetter than Neapolitan and cooked at lower temps as well.

The color on the crust is this even brown and the base is firm with a good crispiness.

In my ebook I say this is the style most Americans would just simply call “pizza” and rightly so as New World style pizza is the style that was adapted to the technology available in the “new world” at the time by Italian immigrants.

This white pie had a cream sauce base, oregano, granulated garlic, two different types of mozzarella (shredded and fior de latte) and grated Parmesan.

Although I only made a 14” pizza, I cut it in such a way that it felt like I was eating a true NY slice (thanks for the tip @andrislagsdin)

Baking this style in an @oonihq as I did here is pretty simple. Get the stone to around 375C (700F) and launch the pizza with little to no flame. On solid fuels like wood or charcoal just wait for the flame to die down. On gas, turn the flame off. Then launch and cook for 4-6 minutes turning as needed until the base is well done. Then, pop a piece of wood on or turn the gas up to get a flame and finish off the top.

The result should look like this. Even brown crust, browned cheese, a base with a nice crispiness. Perfect to fold up and eat on the run.

All this is detailed in my ebook

This specific dough was made by one of our new engineers! Although a knowledge of #sourdough was not a requirement for the role, it didn’t hurt her chances at getting the job 😂. It was made using a very similar #recipe to the one outlined in the ebook.
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