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Page 61 – #waffles

I think the waffles may have been the first “make the” hashtag. I’ll have to go look if #makethewaffles was first or #makethebagels was first 🤔

Anyway… waffles!

This #recipe is near and dear to me as it was one of the first ones I ever developed. I was looking to revamp my go to #pancake recipe from @kenjilopezalt ‘s Food Lab (must read) to be made with #sourdoughdiscard. They were super tasty and only for better with the addition of some more butter and a hot waffle iron.

Don’t worry, no waffle iron needed, they still make killer pancakes 😄

The latest rev of my ebook is up on the website and I’ve had some questions about if it still has all the old #recipes too. Of course! The ebook grows, nothing is ever removed. It just keeps getting better and better.

I also launched a new smaller ebook called the Essentials Guide and guess what, the waffle recipe is in that one too. It’s that essential 😂😂

So. Get the ebook and then #makethewaffles
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