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Grandma Style #pizza

The latest version of #bakingwithrosehillsourdough is LIVE

it includes 6! ☝️🖐 new #recipes and some revamps you’ve been asking for like more detail for #recipe timings and a few more FAQs

The new version is 89 pages of recipes and information! (Okay, there are 6 “Header” pages, so 83 pages of recipes and information 😂)

The new recipes include:
My new overnight autolyse method for no knead open crumb 💦
Fougasse 🍁
Mini Focaccia 🇮🇹
Cinnamon Rolls 🤤
Discard Pie Dough 🥧
And this Grandma Style Pizza 👵

These join all the rest of my recipes to makes a grand total of 16 bread recipes, 5 pizza style recipes with techniques for your home over or your @oonihq #pizzaoven, 5 sauce recipes, 18 of my favorite topping combos for pizzas, 12 discard recipes, a bunch of bonus recipe alts like cinnamon raisin french toast and pita bread, 12 pages of FAQs, a discussion on equipment, bread techniques, and full instructions to start and maintain your #sourdoughstarter 😱

If you’re ready to up you #sourdough game, this is the ebook for you!

So back to grandmas style.
I love a grandma style pan pizza. This recipe is super easy to work with so great for newbies and even kids to learn how to work with a wetter dough (don’t worry it’s only 73% water), how to stretch dough in a super low stakes (it’s in a pan, if it rips, who cares?), and it’s amazing because you can literally put anything on it.

I made a couple for the team at work today and they were super tasty. Who doesn’t love a pan pizza??

The latest version of my ebook is now up on my website (link in bio) and I’ll toss a story up too!

I also added a new shorter version of the ebook called the Baking with Rosehill Sourdough – Essentials Guide – for those just wanting to dip your toe in the sourdough pool. It’s 24 pages and has my favorite recipes to teach new folks all about sourdough.

Remember, if you already own Baking with Rosehill Sourdough, you can download the latest version FOR FREE from the download link in your purchase email. Just search your email for “rosehillsourdough” Enjoy!
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