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This pizza transported me back to Riverside CA tonight.

Fun fact: the smell and memory portions of your brain share a large border. That’s why a smell can conjure a vivid memory fairly instantaneously.

When I launched this garlic bread tonight in my @oonihq #koda16 the smell of garlic took me back to 2007, to a little pizza place my college buddies and I would grab pizza from every so often.

The pizza was meh. But it was cheap. $5 for an extra large pepperoni pizza, as long as you bought 3 and did pickup. So me and my two roommates would drive over and grab 3 extra larges and spend the night eating mediocre pizza and studying the night away.

Something about the smell of hot garlic and olive oil and cheese took me back 13 years. How cool is that!?

Make this simple pie and I bet the smell will take you back to your favorite pizza place as well!

Super simple:
#sourdough #pizzadough #recipe from my ebook
olive oil
a healthy pinch of granulated garlic, around ¼ tsp or so
½ tsp or so of dried oregano
shredded mozz

Baked in Koda 16 using the low-n-slow technique using residual heat (no flame) to bake for around 6 minutes or so before turning the heat back up the get the color on the top.

Thanks #pizza for the trip down memory lane! And for being so tasty 🤤
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