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Looking for a #gift for the #sourdough #baker or #pizza maker in your life???

My #giftguide is here to help!

It has affiliate links to products I use and love!

Lots of folks don’t know this but IG basically runs on affiliate links now. As soon as you hit “influencer” status, people come out of nowhere to offer you affiliate links.

What’s an affiliate link? It’s a web link with a little embedded tracer that lets the website know that the person using the link was referred by an affiliate.

If the person the puts in an order, the affiliate gets a small commission on the sale. All at no cost to the customer.

Brands use affiliates as a form of advertising to increase their reach.

Why am I telling you this?

Well some influencers do this well and others are annoying.

I try realllly hard not to be annoying.

Everyone has there own way of monetizing their content. Some use ads, some use partnerships, some use affiliate links.

As an example, have you ever been to a blog where you get hit with ad after ad and spent 12 minutes scrolling to find a recipe? I’ll never do that. To me that falls into the annoying camp. I get it, they get a little cash for each of those ads. And 5 ads pays 5x of 1. So why not have 5??? Because it’s annoying! I won’t do this to you.

Another example, do you follow anyone that posts rannnddddoomm stuff that you wouldn’t have expected them to post with a little partnership badge. That person got paid good money for that not so disguised ad in your feed. Again I get it, gotta get paid. But man. Sometimes the partnerships seem so weird. That’s another thing I’ll never do.

So last up on monetization is affiliate links. This is something I do do BUT I put boundaries on it. I will not become an affiliate for a product I do not stand behind. I’m very Ron Swanson in that sense. If I promote a product, it’s because I’ve tested and I believe in it. If I’m promoting it you can trust it’s not about the commission but I do appreciate it! Every little bit helps!

So there you go. Affiliate links! I hope you learned something new today!
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