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why I love to #makethebagels in an @oonihq #pizzaoven, the crunch!

look at the bottom of that #bagel! You don’t get that in a home oven. You need HEAT!

I baked these in #koda16 with residual heat. I heated the oven on high until the stone was around 375C (700F). Then I cut the flame and launched the #bagels, a few at a time, and let them bake for about 12 minutes. I waited until the bottom was cooked and easily released from the stone.

After that I turned the flame back on and set it to low, rotating the bagels as needed to evenly brown.

Today I did both #everythingbagel and #jalapenocheddar which is my new favorite. Both were amazing.

I tried to say something clever about the bagels, but I couldn’t find the words 😂 just make them 🤤🤤

#recipe in my ebook which you can get at
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