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🚨 #giveaway 🚨
DAY 6/7

A proofing basket from @flourside_

I met Andrew from @flourside_ via IG just about a year ago. I was looking into proofing baskets and fell in love with these.

Before these baskets, I had a well documented dislike of proofing baskets in general. These changed my mind.

Not only do they work amazingly, much better than others I’ve used but they are also more sustainable than other baskets as well.
1) the wood pulp used to make the baskets are from spruce trees that are sustainably sourced meaning they have grow programs and don’t just go cut down forests and move on
2) the spruce is grown locally to where the baskets are made. Most other baskets are made from cane which comes primarily from Indonesian islands that is then shipped to China to be made, then shipped through the world, which has a larger freight impact on the world that way.

Okay okay now to the giveaway part.

Just follow me, follow @flourside_ , and tag a friend in the comments who has had an eye on these baskets.

I’ll pick a winner at the end of the week!

Two hiccups here. First, these are out of stock! So we’ll have to wait until they are back in stock. Second, Andrew has been so busy we haven’t been able to iron out the specifics of this giveaway so if they come back in stock before we’re able to make an agreement, I’ll just buy you one myself 😂

Winners must provide a shipping address in mainland US 🇺🇸

By the way, this is a repost from @thatimade who is a must follow for all you bakers!

Tomorrow is the last day for these 7 days of giveaways! 😱 what’s it gunna be?? 🤭
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