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🚨 #giveaway 🚨
DAY 1/7

@wiremonkeyshop ‘s ARC #breadlame

I became friends with Tyler from @wiremonkeyshop 2 years ago when I forgot my bread lame at home when traveling to my in-laws for Christmas. I made some #sourdough #bread and alas! No lame! I went down to the local drug store and grabbed a pack of razors and found an egg carton outside in the recycling and an old screw and nut in the garage. I grabbed a pair of scissors and fashioned myself a makeshift @wiremonkeyshop UFO bread lame.

I posted it on IG, tagged Tyler in it, and he reached out! He applauded the creativity and graciously gifted me a real UFO 😂😂

I’ve been a huge fan (and advocate) for @wiremonkeyshop ever since. Don’t buy knockoffs! Get the real thing! An affiliate link to his products are listed on my site and will also be in my stories (and in a gift-guide highlight) shortly.

His latest and greatest gift to the bread world is the ARC which is a fantastic lame and my go to for scoring boules for big ol ears 👂

This giveaway is pretty easy! Just follow me, follow @wiremonkeyshop, and tag a friend in the comments below who you know for a fact is using a makeshift lame to score 😂😂

I’ll pick a winner at the end of the week and they’ll get an ARC from @wiremonkeyshop

Winners must provide a shipping address in US/UK/EU 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇪🇺

Also, here’s a repost from @bread_by_rosendahl who is a must follow!

Stay tuned for 7 (seven!) days of giveaways! 🥳🥳🥳
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