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If you recall, I’ve been playing around with this concept of “beer bread” and tried another recipe yesterday.

Again, ignore the dense bread, I totally blew the fermentation. I’ll get it right one of these days 😂

As a reminder, I was #gifted a @wolfgangsmockmill recently and I’ve wanted to do something different with it.

The idea is simple, can I use a malted grain, and the beer that grain would be used to make, in a bread?

For this loaf I fresh milled some “golden promise” (which I learned from the @brewstore is the UK equivalent to the American 2row that I assume is the base for @lagunitasbeer IPA) in the #mockmill. I then reduced the IPA over low heat to remove the CO2 and alcohol. I let the beer sit at 80C for 5 minutes to be sure the alcohol was gone then took it off the heat. I didn’t want to keep it too hot for too long and mess with the flavor from the hops.

I then followed this recipe:
Bread flour 100%
Milled roasted barley 2%
Reduced beer 63%
Water 12%
Sourdough 20%
Salt 3%

The resulting bread was, in a word, interesting 😂. It was less malty than expected but the hops definitely came through, especially as an aftertaste. It also tasted salty which I never get from my bread. So yeah. Salty beer? It was interesting.

I think I’ll hover around this 2-3% malt for the next one but my drop out some of the reduced beer. I think I’ll drop to 70/30 water/reduced beer and see how that goes.

Next test is with a red ale!

Stay tuned for more updates on #beer #bread!
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