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What’s the quickest and most festive way to use up some of your #sourdoughdiscard ??

With #pie of course!

This #piecrust #sourdoughdiscardrecipe will make it in to the next version of the #recipe ebook but until then, it’s too good not to share!

113g unsalted butter (1 US stick)
200g all purpose flour
Cut in butter to flour by hand or with a blender
100g discard
50g maple syrup
4g salt
Mix all together until the forms a ball and put in fridge for 1 hour. Don’t overwork. After the hour, flour as needed and roll out into your pie crust.

This makes enough dough for two pie bases. So half it if it’s to be used to make one #pumpkinpie or make it all for apple pie or others that also have a top crust.

You can use pie crust for any pie recipe. Also makes a killer leftover turkey pot pie 😋

Happy #thanksgiving everyone!
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