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I’ve been playing around with this concept of “beer bread” for a bit and finally got to try a recipe yesterday.

Ignore the dense bread, I had to rush the ferment so it’s pretty underproofed. But concept wise it was actually really cool.

I was #gifted a @wolfgangsmockmill recently and I’ve wanted to do something cool with it. I mean stone milling your own flour is already cool, but I wanted to try something different. I landed on this beer bread concept.

The idea is simple, can I use a malted grain, and the beer that grain would be used to make, in a bread?

I went down to the @brewstore and got some advice. The guy there was incredibly knowledgeable and we landed on 3 to try as a first run. This one here, a dark roasted barley, to pair with a Porter, a light malty barley to pair with an IPA, and a red rye to pair with a red ale.

For this loaf and a first attempt (well the real first attempt was terrible but I’ll ignore that one) I fresh milled the roasted barley in the #mockmill. I then reduced the beer over low heat to remove the CO2 and Alcohol but in an attempt to try and keep the hoppy flavors. I let the beer hit 80C to be sure the alcohol was gone then took it off the heat.

I then followed this recipe:
Bread flour 100%
Milled roasted barley 5%
Reduced beer 37%
Water 37%
Sourdough 20%
Salt 3%

The resulting bread was malllttttyyy. And super smokey and roasty. I know traditionally you only add 1% malt but that’s typically to boost enzymatic activity and not for flavor so I went heavy at 5% and it was too much. I think I’ll do 2% next time.

The flavor from the @williamsbrosbrewingco Midnight Sun Porter totally came through.

Stay tuned for more updates on #beer #bread!
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