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New Post!

Instead of using my curved @wiremonkeyshop ARC, I used my wiremonkeyshop UFO to do a straight score on this oval loaf. Love the split and “double ear” from the spring. Trying to be cool like @matthewjamesduffy

Speaking of Duffy, do you know we have an unofficial race to 100k followers? The catch is if his 100k follower comes from me, he owes me $10. And same vice versa. So go follow @matthewjamesduffy and help him get to 100k and me get $10! 😂

This is using that overnight autolyse recipe that has been going super well. It’s going in v6 of the ebook which is getting its final edits now. Out later this month.

I’ve been doing a trick recently where I keep the same axis of tension for all my coil folds. I use the tab of the lid to remind me where the axis is after my last fold. This consistent direction of tension helps to get a really good oven spring. It’s like rolling up a rubber band like a scroll 📜 and then cutting down the middle so you get a good POP.

Give it a try!

Proofed in @flourside_ small oval
Scored with @wiremonkeyshop UFO
Baked in @brovn4bread
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