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This #sourdoughdiscard #waffle #recipe is one of my oldest and most favorite.

Partly because it’s incredibly tasty but also because it’s incredibly versatile.

I recommend an overnight preferment, but I made these same day and they were great.

I’ve made them with normal milk and a squeeze of lemon when I couldn’t get buttermilk.

I’ve added blueberries, peanut butter, chocolate chips, I’ve even made savory ones.

I’ve had lactose intolerant folks make them with non dairy milk.

I’ve had folks veganize them non dairy milk and and an egg substitute.

There’s really no excuse. Just make them. You’ll be grateful you did!!

Oh and the homemade cinnamon whipped cream recipe that’s on the same page of the ebook will make you wonder why anyone ever buys canned whipped cream. 🤤

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