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Overproofed bread and how to identify it..

I went to pop some dough into my @flourside_ medium round proofing basket and I could not find it! I walked around my kitchen, looked in every cabinet. Where did it go!??

Could I have? No. I didn’t forget a loaf did I?

Yep 🤦‍♂️

Opened the fridge and there it was. 5 days after making the dough. I knew what I was in for. An overly sour droopy loaf with a bit of a slimy interior and that’s exactly what I got. Still tasty yes. But just way too sour.

Please don’t immediately equate poor oven spring and overproofed. Just because your loaf is flat, don’t jump right to assuming it’s overproofed. If you’re new to this. It’s probably actually just you needing to improve your mixing, folding, and shaping techniques.

Now besides the fact that is sat in the fridge for 5 days, and the overwhelmingly sour flavor, I know this is overproofed because of the long flat crumb structure. Little horizontal ovals. A properly proofed loaf will have a taller crumb.

No bread is wasted in this house! So I’m going to go smother some with butter and jam. But hopefully this week I won’t be so busy and make such a bonehead blunder 😂
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