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Another great #pizzanight 🥳

This pizza stole the show.

olive oil, shredded mozz, granulated garlic, paprika, cumin, oregano, red onion, and jalapeño, finished with sour cream and a squeeze of lime, all on some 48 hour #sourdough

In the background is a garlic bread style pizza with olive oil, granulated garlic, shredded mozz, and a little fresh mozz.

Off camera is a classic marg.

Recently I’ve been cutting my fresh mozz into strips, salting, wrapping in paper towel, and refrigerating for a bit. It dries it out and makes it more like the consistency of fior de latte style mozz. I never remember if @unholypizzauk or @pizzaislovely tipped me off to this. But thank you whoever it was 😂

Swipe for the puffy cornicione ☁️

#recipe for my #pizzadough is in my ebook (

Baked in @oonihq #koda16
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