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My daughter and I baked up a STORM today!

We kicked it off this morning with sourdough discard biscuits (photo 2) then made a spontaneous #bananabread (photo 3) and then some schiacciatina (mini focaccia) for dinner (photo 1)

I’m really excited about the schiacciatina as the recipe is now finished and will be included in version 6 of my ebook coming out later this month (version 5 owners will get version 6 for free)

I modified the banana bread by adding some frozen berries to the top and a sprinkling of turbinado sugar. I tossed some dates in as well and did some lemon zest too. This recipe is super flexible! And delicious! And will have you buying maple syrup in bulk 😂. Worth it. That recipe is in the current revision of the ebook.

The biscuits. Well they are amazing. Flaky. Buttery. #makethebiscuits.

So yeah, great day. My daughter (4.5 y/o) was with me every step of the way and did a great job. I used up a ton of discard that was sitting in my fridge. AND I got to eat so much good food 🤤🤤

The banana bread and biscuits recipes are in the current revision of the ebook ( and the mini focaccia recipe will be out later this month!

Hope you had a great weekend!
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