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How to get an ear 👂

In my ebook I talk about the importance of building linear tension if you’re hoping for a big ear and how to build linear tension in shaping.

Good tension in the dough is crucial for a good ear, but so is a good score.

I think too many folks assume scoring deeper will help get a bigger ear but that’s not exactly true.

If you score too deep, your bread may spread too quickly and never recover. Too shallow and you may not get the full potential of your spring.

I’ve drawn a line in the second photo where you can see how much of the opening was from the score and how much was from the oven spring. It looks to be about 50/50. I don’t know if there is some magic ratio but this looks good to me.

Remember the whole point of scoring is to purposefully weaken the bread in an area to allow for expansion while baking. If you’re getting big blowouts in weird places on your loaf, you didn’t score deep enough. If you’re not getting a good spring, you may be scoring too deeply (among other things)

No crumb from this loaf as it was a gift for some friends. I’ll have to ask how it looked 🤞

This was my new go to overnight autolyse recipe which will be in version 6 of the ebook, out later this month. All version 5 owners will get version 6 for free!

Have a great weekend!

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