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Some say the best way to get leopard spots on pizza is with long slow cold fermented dough. Oh and ultra high heat of course.

Well, would you believe this dough has only been fermenting for 8 hours?

I tried a technique I’ve been using in bread for this pizza dough because, after all, good pizza starts with good bread.

The technique calls for an overnight warm/cold autolyse, a mixture of just flour and warm water left in the fridge overnight.

The warm water kickstarts enzymatic activity which starts the process of breaking down complex sugars into simpler ones and building good dough structure.

At the same time I feed my sourdough.

In the morning, I mix in my peaked sourdough and salt into the cold flour and water mixture. I place the mix into a warm oven and fold every 45 minutes and then ball at the 5 hour mark. The dough then rests for 3 hours before being made in my @oonihq #pizzaoven

The results are beautiful leopard spots.

The #recipe I used for the dough is my classic #pizza dough which is in my ebook which you can get at (link in bio)


Oh this pizza was super good btw.
Olive oil base, shredded mozz, feta & jalapeño
Finished with cilantro, avocado, and healthy squeeze of lime.
If you’re using jalapeños from the jar like this, use a technique my wife calls “shouting” 😂
Dip a fork in the juice from the jar and splash it on the pizza. Do this a few times to “shout” the flavor everywhere. Works great with anything from a jar like peppers, olives, etc.

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