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I feel like everyone just needs some pizza right now.

Wherever you stand, whatever you believe, regardless of party, creed, gender, orientation, race, color, whatever. You are human. And so is the person next to you. Treat them fairly. Spread truth. Love. Empathy. Understanding.

Whoever wins this thing cannot save us from ourselves. Only we can do that. Stop feeding the fire of intolerance. Stop the echo chamber. Stop the division. Stop the hate.

I love that I get to make products for a living with the only goal of bringing people together. To talk. To share. To eat awesome pizza.

If you have an @oonihq I challenge you to make a pizza for a neighbor. Start a conversation. Keep it positive. Friendly. Future oriented. Talk about your dreams. The things you love about your neighborhood. Share a moment and start to bring down the wall that may have started to go up between you two around this race.

We all just need some pizza. Call it a slice of kindness. A piece of peace. Someone more punny than me can name it.

Just make pizza.

We need healing.


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