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The #englishmuffin #recipe is getting a bit of a facelift after some very successful tweaking.

The next version of the ebook will be out soon and in it will be updated recipes like this one and new recipes like the discard pie dough, schiacciatina all’olio, a new bread recipe, cinnamon rolls, and 🤞 crumpets

This is the beauty of an ebook, I can make updates and ebook owners can get the latest update for free at any time.

It’s super simple, you’ll just go to your original purchase email and click download. I handle everything in the backend. All you have to do is hit download and you get the latest and greatest version!

The update to these English muffins are pretty simple. I added a technique for the pre bake proof that uses your warm oven and coffee cup of hot water. It worked amazing and I got the puffiest English muffins I’ve ever had. I’ve also added a tad more sourdough to the recipe, 12% instead of 10% to give them a little more rising power.

I used my @brovn4bread as a flattop to make these on my gas stove. It worked amazingly! I even fried the egg right on it. What can’t this thing do??

I’ll leave semolina as an optional ingredient but really, it’s not optional. It totally makes them.

v6 of the ebook will be out soon

All v5 owners will get v6 for freeeeee
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