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My obligatory annual #pumpkin loaf 😂

I’ll admit it, at first I thought this trend was a little kitschy the first time I saw it a few years ago but the more I make them, the more I think, so what? It’s fun! Lighten up Mike 😂

It’s super easy to do. This was a 750g boule. I proofed in my round basket from @flourside_

Right before baking, I placed 3 pieces of sting across the bottom of the loaf, evenly spaced out and all crossing at the center of the loaf. I then flipped the loaf over and tied up the strings at the top. Then I just baked as normal.

Here’s the trick, don’t tie the strings tight. Just barely snug. The bread will expand into the strings and make the shape while baking. You can use as many strings as you want to get more lines.

I didn’t have any cinnamon sticks so this reusable straw cover had to stand in its place 🤣

Happy #halloween everyone!
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